Q. Does it cost anything to reserve a room?

A. Yes. An Admission Fee of $1800.00 shall be submitted with a signed contract to hold an apartment for the Resident. Should the Resident never move-in or move out within the first 30 days of contract date, the full amount will be refunded. After residency is established for 30 days this fee becomes non-refundable.

Q. If I move in halfway through the month, will I be charged the full amount?

A. No. Gruene Senior Living will pro-rate rental amount if the resident moves in during the middle of the month.

Q. Can I bring a pet?

A. Yes. Gruene Senior Living will allow pets providing they are less than 20 pounds. This does not apply to Gruene Senior Living Memory Care. The Resident or Responsible Party will be required to sign a pet agreement and an additional non-refundable pet deposit of $1000.00 will be charged at the time the agreement is signed. The Resident or Responsible Party will give a copy of all health and vaccination records of the pet to the Manager’s office.